Trends in Business Technology for 2017 and Beyond

by Emily on March 30, 2017

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Technology is everywhere; in our pockets, around every corner (literally), in our private lives and in every single business in the world. Coming to terms with the fact that learning to “speak” technology is no longer a bonus, but an obligation is a key part in keeping your business afloat. With this in mind, here are some business technology trends to look forward to in 2017.

User satisfaction

The customer is always right and their satisfaction should definitely be your main goal when it comes to introducing new tools, for example. To elaborate this further, everything has to happen momentarily in the modern world – people have become so anxious that they no longer have time to wait in order to access content; everything has to be a simple click away! The fact that your technology is innovative and brand new doesn’t mean that people will be lining up to see your content. If your website, for example, seems too complicated to your users, they will quickly close the browser tab and go look for something else online. Try to make things as simple as possible and make sure that the information you’re offering is as precise and on point as possible!

Be flexible about time, pace and devices

People tend to prefer customizing their working environment or working from whatever place fits them. Discouraging this is a common mistake – your goal isn’t rounding up your employees all in one spot and making them perform their 9 to 5 activities; your goal is making sure that things are running as smoothly as possible with the highest level of productivity. If your employee wants to try working from their favorite café or even from home, give it a go; chances are that you’re in for a productivity boost! What does this have to do with technology? Well, quite obviously, without a proper cloud environment, everyone would be obligated to come to work.

Welcoming new options for paying

Yes, smartphones can be used as a paying method – not just for paying restaurant bills and making online purchases – it can actually save your business a whole lot of time. This is a brand new opportunity for your business – people love using their phones, they are pretty much glued to the devices, so why not make smartphone payment an option for your business?

Security systems

Security is still a vital part of any business venture. Online threats are a huge problem, but the physical aspect is still the most important part of protecting your business. Installing security cameras, retail security screens, card readers and even security drones is a smart modern option. Of course, alarms and motion detection systems go without saying, but think about hiring a security team just to be safe.

Business apps

People think that we live in the world of smartphones, but we actually live in the world of apps. Think about it, although apps obviously wouldn’t exist without smartphones, a smartphone would be long extinct, were it not for apps. Luckily, one no longer has to be an IT major in order to come up with a smart app for your business that will help boost your popularity and sales. An app creation platform is pretty much everything that you need!

These business technology trends are definitely worth digging a bit deeper into, be it in terms of boosting your sales and popularity or simply protecting your legacy. If you want to thrive in the future, familiarize yourself with these; they are destined to become popular sooner than you might think!

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