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by Guest Author on October 14, 2017

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When you use the internet, you type in a question on the query bar of a particular search engine, to get the information you are looking for. The algorithm then searches for the relevant ‘keywords’ in your query and shows the links that contain those precise words on its search engine result pages. However, what it does not try to find out whether those links are relevant in the context of the question you are asking to obtain the information you want. Fortunately, this situation is about to change with the launch of recent Hummingbird algorithm by engineers working for Google.

The need for a new search platform

Numerous changes are taking place in the world today, especially in the field of business and commerce. Online marketers are starting to realize the importance of viewing their target audience in the virtual marketplace as individuals from diverse backgrounds instead of just a statistical number. Search engines like Google began to realize the need to upgrade their existing algorithms to cater to the requirements of these virtual marketers. Having a thorough understanding of the topics people browsing the internet show interest in help in determining the necessary steps you need to take as an entrepreneur in adopting a marketing strategy. As you know, there are various ways of reaching out to this vast online audience in this environment. Your content is a means of showing these potential buyers that you can cater to their specific needs.

Google Hummingbird introduced a couple of years ago approaches the questions people using the internet type into the query bar is an intelligent way of using new technology, which combines the certain old features of current algorithms. Its name is derived from the speed and precision that this unique tiny bird posses.

Relevance of keyword research

In the changing scenario, keyword research remains vital starting point that helps people operating internet search engines direct the relevant topics online browsers are looking to obtain. Once they have is information, their job is to take it to the next level. This implies coming up with innovative ways of manipulating this data and if necessary go beyond it. It is possible to achieve this objective when you come up with contents that these online users consider to be useful, informative and engaging on a web page that appeals to them. However, you need to keep in mind that such content should have the relevant keywords they type on the query bar of a search engine, Experts like help companies in understanding the significance of this update and how it can impact their business website.

What does Hummingbird mean for Search Engine Optimization?

The update should not be a cause for concern for you as an entrepreneur owning a business website. If you make it a point to adopt only white hat practices when it comes to publishing quality content on your site you have nothing to worry about. Many skilled experts working in the field of search engine optimization hold the view that things will change for the better. They explain that the new algorithm will go a long way in helping to get rid of certain unscrupulous individuals who make claims about increasing the ranking of clients’ websites using black hat methods. In a nutshell, this algorithm intends to eradicate spams and all irrelevant web content.

Google also introduces an authorship program to help entrepreneurs to find reliable authors to write up quality content for your business website with the aim of attracting quality online traffic. This search engine is also developing a knowledge graph with the view to make web browsing more useful and efficient. Soon most black hat techniques certain unprofessional search engine optimization use will become history.

Conversational speech

If you have been using Google Chrome, you will not fail to notice a tiny microphone icon on the right-hand corner of the query bar. If you click on this icon, you may hear the question you type in the search box. After this, you see the results of your query on your computer screen. If the results that correspond to your query are on the knowledge graph of Google, this search engine will subsequently displace an Information Card. It will show a list of reliable site links you may browse to get the information you are looking for along with certain relevant facts. What you come to realize is, if you type in a conversational question in the query bar, you can come up with more pertinent site links that you help you find the information you are searching.

Providing online use with the relevant and useful information they want to know when they type a question on the query bar of a search engine is the key to encouraging quality search engine optimization. The introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is a step in that direction. It is changing the way this search engine ranks various websites in its search engine result page and attempts to eradicate black hat practices.

Guest article written by: Kylie Green is an experienced SEO expert with, and she helps small to medium scale businesses with their online marketing strategies and search engine optimization campaigns.

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