You Know You’re An Internet Marketing Professional When….

Us marketing professionals are quite a special bunch. It’s almost like being a secret club with the special terms and techniques we use, just without the weird handshakes. So to judge just how far in you are, read on to see if the following situations ring any bells.

You dream in puns

If you wake up first thing in the morning and reach for your dream journal, only to end up listing a whole load of great puns you can use in the content for your current campaign, then you might just be an internet marketing professional.

Just remember that while everyone loves a clever pun, do use an editing eye with them. This is because occasionally they can be effective and humorous, but all the time they just come off as cheesy and ingenuine. So only use the best ones you have, whether they came to you in a dream or not.

Spelling mistakes in online copy make you want to cry even when you haven’t written it!

The curse of the online marketer is that we have to read so much short and long form copy that editing, even onscreen editing becomes second nature. This is great when we use it on our assignments and check our colleges work before posting it. However, it can be super annoying when reading, and news article and you just can’t ignore that mistype or spelling error.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just turn it off, once we left work? Unfortunately, it’s a binary thing, you either have it, or you don’t. So we just have to put up with!

Your idea of a good time is expanding our foreknowledge of the industry

You are most definitely an online marketing professional if instead of binge-watching the latest series on Netflix, you would much rather get to grips with the latest developments in the industry by studying courses like one of these AACSB online MBA programs no GMAT in your spare time. But, “Its Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredited, and you don’t have to do a Graduate Management Admission Test to get in.” You say. OK, well whatever floats your boat!

You get less credit than the sales team

Ah the sales team, those guys for whom all your work is like pearls before swine. Do they even understand how much of your creative soul has to go into the latest iteration of that content? The one designed to be informative and entertaining and position customers into the sale funnel to become warm leads? Well, the answer is probably not, and as they get to do the final conversion, it’s them that get the commission and the credit too. Life just isn’t fair sometimes!

You have a folder full of great concepts you will never use

Lastly, most internet marketing professionals have folder tucked away somewhere on their phone or computer with the ideas that never quite floated. We can’t bear to get rid of them because they are Genius and we might need them again one day. But so far the campaign that will suit them perfect has eluded us. Yet, the search continues….

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  1. LOL Klaus – this is awesome! ANd I definitely needed some laughter today. I could relate to so many of these points it was amazing. My favorite one was “You have a folder full of great concepts you will never use” Yep! I keep forgetting about it and coming up with other ideas. Thanks so much for the great post.


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