Apple TV Now Cheaper, $229. Only 160GB Available.

by Klaus on September 17, 2009

in Apple, Tech News

Apple TV on YouTubeThe small Apple TV 40GB has been removed from the Apple Store, leaving only the 160GB version available for purchase, which also saw a price cut, now down to $229.

If you’re satisfied with just getting content from the iTunes Store (or converting your stuff to an iTunes compatible format), the Apple TV is a great media center for all your stuff. It’s cheap and very easy to use. But it’s also very limited. A much better option, if you want to stick with Apple stuff, is the Mac Mini which is currently at $599, then either use the built-in Front Row from Apple or the much better, and free, Plex Media Center for OS X.

iTunes Store is great for Americans, there’s a ton of content available, both music, movies and TV Shows. For us Europeans on the other hand, it’s really not worth a lot, except for the music. But there’s a solution to that, you can just create an iTunes Store account using a US address and then deposit funds using gift cards.

I enjoy using my Apple TV to purchase TV shows and rent movies with it as well as watching YouTube on the big screen.

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