Apple Adding Micro Projector to iPhone/iPod Touch?

texas_instruments_micro_projectorIf you’re an iPhone/iPod Touch user, you probably already know just how media you carry around with you in your pocket, specially when it comes to pictures and videos. Being able to project those media on a wall and show them to friends and family everywhere would be cool.

And maybe it’ll be reality too, soon!

AppleInsider: According to Taiwanese rumor site DigiTimes, Foxlink, a subsidiary of Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner Foxconn, is currently developing its own micro projector technology that should begin making its way into integrated devices as early as this year.

The publication cited sources “with Taiwan handset makers” who say that tier I smartphone makers such Nokia, Samsung and Apple, “reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year.”

We’ve seen several new micro projectors the last year or so, but they all fail in one thing: lumen’s. The projectors are simply too small to be able to put up a decent picture, unless the room is completely dark. And then there’s the battery issue, don’t you think the iPhone uses enough power as it is? I wonder how Apple will deal with the battery if they add a micro projector to the unit.

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  1. I am actually looking for a solution to set up an ipad with a portable external speaker and projector so I can easily do small presentations. I have looked at the small portable projectors and I just don’t think they will cut it, even though they are pretty cool. I certainly don’t know how the iphone would be able to pull that off, while maintaining its size. If the bulb was small enough to not bulk out the phone, I don’t see how it could put out much in the way of picture.


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