Apple Launches MobileMe iDisk App For iPhone

It’s finally here! Apple announced the MobileMe iDisk App back in June and it has now arrived. Using the iDisk App, you can browse through your iDisk folders directly on your iPhone. The app is free and you get it from, yep you guessed it, the App Store. Note however, it requires iPhone OS 3.0 and a MobileMe subscription.

Many users decide not to go for a MobileMe subscription because of its price and the fact that you can get pretty much the same from Gmail and other online services, for free, but I’m really happy about my MobileMe subscription – it works perfectly with my iPhone, syncing contacts, calendar and email seamlessly over the air using 3G or WiFi. Oh, and its got “Find My iPhone”…

Here’s a few screenshots of the iDisk App … needless to say, I’ve never really used iDisk that much, I put all my stuff into Evernote  and then sync, unless of course it’s a big file and/or it’s a file I will need to share with somebody else.

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