Dots Gloves For iPhone & Touch Screen: Order Update

dots_gloves_d200_iphoneA few weeks ago I blogged about the gloves from Dots Gloves that will allow you to control your capacitive touch screen device (such as iPhone, iPod Touch etc.) while still wearing gloves – really useful during winter and other cold periods, where you might not be too happy about walking around with bare hands just to be able to do some texting or whatever you kids do on your touchscreen devices nowadays.

So I decided to go ahead and give the Dots Gloves a shot, see how they worked out – I’ll of course be sure to “review” them as soon as I get to actually use them.

Since nothing less than the newest and most expensive glove from Dots Gloves seemed to satisfy my interest, I of course ordered the D200 gloves which was available for pre-order and expected to ship mid-October.

Well, mid-October has arrived and I received an order update from Dots Gloves:

D200 Pre-Order Update
All Medium pairs of the D200 begin shipping Oct. 19th.
Small and Large pairs of the D200 being shipping Oct. 26th

I ordered both a pair of medium gloves and a pair of small.

I expect the medium to fit me well so the small pair will probably go as a bonus Christmas present for somebody (please don’t tell, that includes do not digg, stumble, tweet or anything with this post – I don’t want to run the risk of somebody finding out what they might be getting as a Christmas present from me this year….).

8 thoughts on “Dots Gloves For iPhone & Touch Screen: Order Update”

  1. Beware using your iPhone in very cold temps. I’ve seen the screen crack due to temperature differences.
    .-= Fred H Schlegel´s last blog ..Scenario Planning As A Spur To Entreprenurial Thinking =-.

    • Yes, that’s something to take into consideration and if that happens, then I’ll be sure to include that in the review too. Thanks for the heads-up and for taking your time to comment when passing by 🙂

  2. Dear Klaus,
    I had an instinct you were going to go for it, and order.
    We await your splendid review of experience, with the gloves. 🙂
    Am sure it’ll be something worth reading, it always is when am here. 😀
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Connective Beings =-.

    • I think I said in the other post I was going to buy them 😀 But I’ve been thinking twice since then cause it’s going to be a lot of hassle for just a pair of gloves, if it means I have to go to the post office headquarter to deal with all the customs and VAT. But I gave it a shot, so we’ll see….

  3. Was wondering if you have received the gloves yet. Ordered a pair of my own but am curious as to how the D200s work compared to the knit models that have already been reviewed by iLounge.

    • Hi Jon,

      Now I haven’t received them yet, they were shipped from the US just 3 days ago, so they’re probably here next week (hopefully).

      I don’t know about the knit models though, so I can’t really compare when I get the D200 🙁

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