Why I’m getting an iPhone 3GS – No Matter What!

iPhone shelfDo you have it yet, the iPhone 3GS? No? Me neither 🙁 But it’s not because I don’t want it, it’s because I can’t!! My current iPhone 3G was purchased at Vodafone Malta last year for €515 (US$ 723) without a contract but still sim-locked to the Vodafone network. Recently I had it unlocked at Vodafone for €70 (US$ 98), down from the normal €200 (US$ 281), because they originally told me €70 but later increased the price to €200.

Had I bought it with a 2-year contract (only option), it would – after 2 years – have costed me between €1,255 (US$ 1,764) for the €40 (US$ 53) monthly plan and €2,400 (US$3,370) for the €100 (US$ 140) monthly plan. Not exactly cheap, but the monthly plans do come with minutes, texts and data, bear in mind.

My point is – there’s only one provider of the iPhone in Malta and they’re not exactly cheap. Besides that, Apple announced on the WWDC ’09 in San Francisco, that Malta should be getting the iPhone 3GS on July 9th. Guess what, Vodafone still doesn’t know when they’ll be getting it. Denmark and Sweden should also have it July 9th but Telia, Telenor and “3” recently confirmed they will get it July 31st. I assume it’ll be the same for Vodafone Malta.

But I’m still getting the iPhone 3GS – no matter what!

Here’s why:

  • 3GS – “S” for speed. Better performance (proven!).
  • Better battery life.
  • Much better camera, 3mp with autofocus.
  • Video recording, finally!!
  • Compass.. but I don’t care much about that.

What really matters to me this Saturday July 4th (and Happy 4th of July everybody), is the extra speed, the better camera and video recording. The 3G’s camera is really bad, while still being among the better 2mp cameras out there. I use my iPhone 3G alot, for everything it will possibly do. So the extra CPU power in the 3GS will be great, less waiting for apps to launch – since there’s no multitasking available.

Lets Crunch Some Numbers

AnandTech set up two tests for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1. The first one is a Wi-Fi test to determine the data transfer rate over a wireless network, and how fast each of the phones are to render and display web pages. The second test is used to determine which phone will open up apps the fastest, such as e-mail, camera and browser.

First tests first, the Wi-Fi test. iPhone 3GS is a lot faster than it’s older brother, iPhone 3G. According to AnandTech, the new iPhone 3GS is, on average, 112% faster than the 3G, to render and display web pages. 122%. Again, 122%… that’s… one hundred and twenty two percent faster. I want that! Oh let’s not forget, the 3GS is just 22% faster than Palm Pre. The T-Mobile G1 was so slow that it’s not even worth mentioning.

In the second test we also find iPhone 3GS as the winner. Generally the new model is around 40% faster than the 3G, to launch applications. T-Mobile G1 and Palm Pre was beaten by not only the iPhone 3GS, but also the 3G.

I’m getting an iPhone 3GS! Are you?

Attachment: iPhone compare chart (iPhone EDGE vs iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS)

2 thoughts on “Why I’m getting an iPhone 3GS – No Matter What!”

  1. Just like many people in many countries, I got fed up waiting for the 3gs. Apple are doing some really bad planning and causing a lot of tension to prospective users with their delay releases in most countries. I’m off to get another smartphone

    • I understand your frustation, James 🙂 I’ve been tempted too, but I can’t find another phone that will do what my iPhone does, just as great. I also wouldn’t want to miss out on the App Store. Even with Symbian S60 phones been out so many years, the apps and games are crap, compared to what you (well, me, at least) can find for the iPhone. Symbian does have the ability to run apps in the background though, which is great.

      Feel free to stop by when you have picked up a non-iPhone smartphone, would be interesting to know which you decided for and why 🙂


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