Revealed: Sony Ericsson Kiki and Sony Ericsson’s First Android Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson "Kiki"

Danish mobile phone site,, reports an exclusive “breaking news” as they reveal 2 new Sony Ericsson phones. The Sony Ericsson “Kiki” and the Sony Ericsson “Rachel” which is their first Android-based mobile phone.

Kiki: Sony Ericsson calls it a ”purity product”, and its codename is ”Kiki”. The surface is influenced by a unusual structure and only a few keys; the design is nothing like we’ve previously seen from Sony Ericsson. Read more about Sony Ericsson “Kiki” at

Rachel: It will be part of Sony Ericsson’s series of XPERIA products. We’ve got our hands on internal documents about the phone, that seems to have the potential to be a sales success. Read more about Sony Ericsson “Rachel” at

Click on the links above to go directly to their respective articles at for more information and pictures.

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