iPhone 3GS In Malta Has Arrived

Vodafone MaltaAccording to Vodafone Malta and the “iPhone 3G/3GS in Malta”-Facebook group, Vodafone Malta now has the 16GB iPhone 3GS available and in stock. You may have to go to Dickens in Sliema to get one though, I’m not sure yet.

The list price is €599 but they also write “Special offer price: €75” – not sure exactly what that includes, could be for business plans only. I do believe, however, that the €599 price is without contract – but probably still simlocked, expect prices to be as high as €200 to have it unlocked (for the 3G at least, probably the same with the 3GS).

Personal price plans ranges from €40 a month to €100 a month – for 24 months (!!!) – including minutes, text and data.

Buying the 16GB iPhone 3GS at €375 with a monthly €40 plan will set you back €1,335 after 2 years (that’s US$1,750)…. oh… my…!

Don’t expect to see the 32GB version though, it’s said to would have retailed for €750 so apparently Vodafone Malta is not going to offer it. Yet, at least.

I’m just glad I already ordered my iPhone 3GS 32GB, factory unlocked €670, recently…

If you’re Maltese, are you going to get one from Vodafone? And if you’re not (or not Maltese), what do you think of those prices? Sound off in the comments below.

1 thought on “iPhone 3GS In Malta Has Arrived”

  1. i think at the price of 599euro for a 16gb is a bit expensive but lets leave that aside for now….

    the thing is that to unlock the iphone is 200euros ….. omg man thats insane ur saying that if u dont have a vodafone sim card and wish to stay with ur carrier rather than vodafone this phone is gonna cost you 799euros…… ohhh no thats far to expensive and :ps: it is still the 16gb version :S

    not worth it at alll

    and definitely not gonna get my iphone 3gs from malta…. :/


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