iPhone Commodore 64 Emulator Just Approved By Apple… Or Not, Yet!

iPhone Commodore 64 emulatorApple just approved an iPhone C64 emulator application – the same one they rejected earlier. At this time I was unable to find it in App Store using iTunes but the price should be around $5 and it comes with five games: Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Jack Attack and Arctic Shipwreck.

The developer of C64 expects more games to follow which can be purchased using the new “in-app-purchase” introduced with iPhone OS 3.0 earlier this year. C64 is not yet compatible with the computer programming language BASIC but the developer might introduce this feature later on.

If you followed the iPhone OS 3.0 keynote back in March, you may remember Scott Forstall explaining how iPhone OS 3.0 was going to allow developers to build custom accessories for the dock connector, right?

With iPhone 3.0 we’re going to take this to the next level: we’re going to enable devs to build custom accessories that talk right to the iPhone. This is exactly what people have been wanting. You can give the iPhone an equalizer to a speaker system. Here’s another example: FM transmitter, which would find the optimal broadcast channel and play your music. Here’s another class we think will be interesting: medical devices.
– Scott Forstall

Now my question is, how long till we can connect our old Commodore datasette (tape recorder) to the iPhone dock connector? 😀


It seems C64 was pulled from the App Store again, already. Apparently it had the BASIC intepreter hidden and Apple doesn’t want people running unlicenses and emulated code on their iPhone, so it got pulled from the App Store (again). Good news though, the developers already removed the intepreter completely from C64 and re-submitted it to Apple. So let’s hope we have it in App Store again soon.

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