Winmail.dat Fix: Letter Opener 3 For Apple Mail & Snow Leopard Released

Letter Opener Fixes Winmail.dat files in Snow Leopard MailOne thing that Mac users most likely will encounter sooner or later in their Mac career, is receiving an e-mail from somebody with a file called “winmail.dat”.

If you’re not at all tech savvy you might not even pay attention to the file or you may just wonder what it is – a virus perhaps? Good thing your Mac is not too much in danger then…

Winmail.dat files are sent from Microsoft Outlook, an e-mail application often used in offices but also at personal computers. The winmail.dat file can contain data such as meeting requests, embedded documents, address cards, notes or just forwarded messages sent as an attachment from Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft recommends that Microsoft Outlook users can change their settings from RTF (which is likely to cause the winmail.dat file in the first place) to HTML or just plain text. It might not always be an option for you to write back to your boss, telling him to change his Outlook settings so you can read his e-mails…

The Solution: Letter Opener 3

I’ve been a heavy user of Letter Opener (formerly OMiC) for some years now – it worked great and came at a fair price (around $7).

Letter Opener: Nested Messages, OutlookUnfortunately, Apple Mail in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard broke compatibility with Letter Opener. It didn’t take long for restoroot, the company behind Letter Opener, to provide an updated version: Letter Opener 3.

Letter Opener 3 comes at a $29.95 price for 1 license but you can get a discount the more licenses you buy. If you’re already a Letter Opener 1 or Letter Opener 2 owner, you can upgrade for $14.95.

Letter Opener 3 does it all by itself, you don’t have to ask it to convert winmail.dat files or anything. Just download and install it and let it work its magic.

» restoroot: Letter Opener 3

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  1. How long before Snow Leopard is actually released so everyone can get it?
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  6. Ok-ok, hogy OSX Mail-ben megoldja a problémát, viszont iPhone mail-re is van valami megoldás? Egyébként inkább a Microsoft-nak kellene ezt megoldania, mivel csak Exchange környezetből küldött levelekkel van ilyen problémám!


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