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AlreadyHosting_logoUnless you’re new to the Internet, you probably already know what domain names are, so I will not waste precious time explaining it. What deserves to be explained, is the importance of picking a proper domain name for your site, if you’re looking to launch a web site, or a blog, for that matter.

Domain availability is of course the most important thing when considering a domain name for your site. If the desired domain name is not available, there’s no point in creating a site based on that name.

Let’s have a quick look at an example: Take the electronics company known as SAGEM. Their company name is made up of “Société d’Applications Générales de l’Électricité et de la Mécanique”. Could you imagine entering something like that as domain name and then add .com to the end, to visit their website? Luckily, they have a shorter version of their company name, SAGEM, and they went with that name for their website too,

That was an example of a rather easy domain name. But domain names doesn’t have to be easy to be remembered. What about a site such as by Yahoo? It’s pronounced as “Flicker” but spelled “Flickr”. You only have to see the domain name once and you’re likely to always remember it because of the “spelling mistake”, which is of course on purpose.

So, try to come up with a creative and noticeable domain name for your website/blog and check for domain availability before you start developing the site.

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