Friday Flick Find: Fastest Gunman Ever – Unbelievable Bob Munden

This Friday Flick Find video (what is Friday Flick Find?) is about the fastest gunman ever – he’s unbelievable fast, as you will see in this video (it has slowmotion too). But first, a little information about the shooter.

Bob Munden (born February 8th, 1942) is a Fast Draw competition shooter. Bob Munden started his shooting career when he competed in a shooting competition at Big Bear Lake (CA) in the 1950s.

He’s listed in the Guinness World Records as the fastest man with a gun who ever lived. There are 18 world records to be hold in this sport and he holds all 18 and has since 1960 – according to himself.

There are some controversy over the records that Bob Munden claims to hold. The only Sports Illustrated article published on Munden states that “no source is willing to verify Munden’s claims”. Bob himself claims that the “World Fast Draw Federation” simply erased their old records which he held the title to…

No matter what, have a look at this video and be amazed – Clint Eastwood is dead slow compared to this guy.

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