Facebook Lite: Facebook On A Diet (Updated With Screenshots)

Facebook logoIn a world where you can get pretty much anything in a “diet” version with zero calories (well, in the food and drinks category at least) we can also soon enjoy a lighter version of Facebook called “Facebook Lite”.

This new version of the site comes with less features and no applications (no more invitations to find out what kind of fruit you are, yihaa!). You can update your status, look at events, upload pictures and videos as well as view other users profiles – and that’s about it. I guess we can call it “an advanced version of Twitter”?

According to Facebook’s own numbers, 70% of the 270 million users come from other countries than USA and many of those users from countries with slow Internet connections.

As of now, Facebook Lite is only available in India and USA, but it is expected to be released to all countries in the near future.

I must say, the current Facebook is becoming more and more…. big, if we can call a website that, wouldn’t you agree?  I’m very much interested in trying out Facebook Lite when it comes, I pretty much never use applications anymore so I think it would be perfect for me – I’ll let you know when I try it.

Updated with screenshots:

Christie from MiscBytes.com sent me those screenshots, so those from outside US and India can also get to experience Facebook Lite. Well, at least a static version of some of the pages 🙂

11 thoughts on “Facebook Lite: Facebook On A Diet (Updated With Screenshots)”

    • I agree – when I was in India in 2006 the Internet was terrible, offices were running on slower Internet connections than we have here in Europe – even in little Malta with terrible Internet connections. But I don’t know how popular Facebook really is in India, don’t most Indians use Orkut or something like that? Well, I suppose Facebook IS rather popular since only USA and India will have access to Facebook Lite for the time being.

  1. Good move by facebook for Indian and American users. FB is trying its best to beat twitter
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  2. Well, people from both india and america are quite lucky.
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  3. At the rate that Facebook is growing and improving I would not be surprised if they reached Google’s level within the next few years. Then again, who knows what could happen? Technology changes all the time.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..What is going on with WordPress? =-.

    • Have you noticed how Google search results have become included at the bottom when you search for something within Facebook? And I don’t think, at this time, Google has access to all the content within Facebook (as it requires a login), so Facebook can provide search results from both world – their own and the “outside world”, but Google can only provide search results from the “outside world”. Facebook could become the 2nd Internet….

  4. Does Myspace have something like that?
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    • Wow, you sure are fast to repay blog comments 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      I honestly don’t know what’s going on at MySpace, I’ve never had an account there – always thought it was for musicians or “chat girls” taking pictures from the “myspace angle” 🙂

  5. Lite facebook is really works well on low internet connection.No applications,no more graphics made it so lite.
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  6. Hey – thanks for the link! 🙂 I liked the idea of Facebook Lite because although I needed a Facebook account in order to get to links people may send me from fb, I don’t want to get involved in all the apps and stuff – at least not at this point.
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