Matt Cutts: “Google Crawls According To PageRank”. A Must See Video For Bloggers

Matt Cutts, Google Webspam teamMatt Cutts is often looked at as the “face of Google” among bloggers and search engine optimization people. Matt often posts information, tips, videos etc. with information about Google and other related stuff that can help bloggers and webmasters optimize their site for better ranking and readership.

He joined Google as a software engineer in 2000 and is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team.

This video is from WordCamp in San Francisco (May 2009 where Matt Cutts is speaking about WordPress as a blogging platform. He mentions some of the plugins he uses (and that’s not many!) as well as some of the techniques behind search engine optimization (SEO), what to do and not to do. For instance, getting BO is a bad idea…  BO in this case would be “Backlink Obsession”.

He also covers subjects such as how pages are being ranked. Google looks at over 200 things when they rank pages, PageRank being just one of them.

However, there’s just one thing I don’t fully understand: In the video he says “we crawl roughly in the order of PageRank, that means the more PageRank you have the faster you are likely to be found and more deeply we crawl your site and more often we visit your pages if they have been refreshed.”

Well, my PageRank at is zero (PR0) and I’ve seen, not only once but several times, that my posts are indexed in Google less than 45 minutes after being published, I guess that’s where the “roughly” part comes in – but I wonder, how long till a PR7 blog will have its post indexed, a few minutes maybe? 🙂

Matt Cutts is a great speaker, the entire video were enjoyable to watch, not a minute went by where it was boring (for me at least) and it’s definitely a must see for anybody just a little bit serious about their website or blog.

Enjoy the video!   (Can we get some popcorn, please?)

Thanks to for posting this video and drawing my attention to it.

18 thoughts on “Matt Cutts: “Google Crawls According To PageRank”. A Must See Video For Bloggers”

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  2. Ahh Finally… I thought I was wrong… Thanks for the video Klaus… 🙂
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  3. This was a really good video and it is very interesting to watch. Greg Ellison
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  5. Most people know that Higher the pagerank, the Higher the Crawl Rate of Google bots. Now, let me watch the video and See weather it is true!
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  6. If only I could hear what Matt is saying right now.

    I don’t have a speaker with me.
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  7. I take what Matt Cutts said to mean “when someone makes a Google search, sites with higher PageRanks will be crawled first and if there are other sites with similar contents, those with higher PageRanks with be displayed first”. I did not take it to mean speed in getting a newly published page to be indexed by Google.
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    • Hey EdZee. I appreciate you stopping by and your comment 🙂 I’m not sure about the way you take what he says though. I don’t think this is related to the search results: ” the more PageRank you have the faster you are likely to be found and more deeply we crawl your site and more often we visit your pages if they have been refreshed.” – it could be, later on, but I think he really just talks about being indexed. But either way, with my PR0 site I’ve seen multiple times that my posts are in Google within an hour of them being published, I’ve also seen some of my posts rank high (even 1st), above sites such as mashable which is PR6-7 as far as I remember, so PR is probably not as important as people seem to think. But it’s nice to have PR.

  8. This is pretty interesting, I have enjoyed Matts site for a while now.
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  9. I would say that’s bit harsh ..It will effect new blogs though it might a good content to provide…
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  10. I watched this video a while back and really enjoyed it. Matt is a very entertaining speaker, and I imagine he knows a thing or two about Google as well 🙂

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  13. I have actually noticed as well that with my website where Google seems to cache my website less frequently compared with other sites that have a higher page rank which seem to be cached everyday where as mine would be a couple of times a month.

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