Friday Flick Find (On A Sunday): Amazing Ball Girl Catch

I ran a bit behind with my Friday Flick Find for this week and so it’s actually published on a Sunday (well, Saturday, if you’re behind the CET timezone).

I didn’t watch this myself until I heard about it today, so I just had to go search for it on YouTube. I’m pretty sure this is the video I was being told about, and I must say, a pretty good catch from that ball girl. Check it out, it’s only 39 seconds:

Evan notes in the comments that this video is in fact doctored and not even a real catch. Well, it does sound like he’s right. Set that a side for just a moment and enjoy the catch 🙂

5 thoughts on “Friday Flick Find (On A Sunday): Amazing Ball Girl Catch”

  1. A pretty good catch you said??? It’s amazing!!! Go girl power 😀
    .-= Kiran´s last blog ..Beyonce’ “I am…” World Tour =-.

  2. Actually, that is doctored footage, used for a Gatorade commercial:
    .-= Evan Kline´s last blog ..Posterous Digest: Use Google Analytics to Get Up to the Minute Stats for Your Site =-.

    • Hot damn, you can’t trust anything on the Interwebs these days, can you? Oh well, guess they had me fooled – and several others too 🙂 At least they managed to make a video that could easily go viral – and then they decided to scrap it… wonder why.

      Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  3. If it wasn’t doctored it would have been awesome.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..10 Tips for Removing Your Blogging Blinders =-.


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