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by Klaus on December 21, 2009

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Teleconferencing hasphone_old_rotary been around for many years but has started to become more popular and used by consumers over the past years as Internet connection speeds are increasing and the Computers found within the homes of consumers are also becoming much more powerful.

Thanks to the Internet, you are now able to use services to do your own teleconferences as easy as just clicking a few buttons.

One of these services are ConferenceGenie which offers three packages for users: A simple package for one-off calls, a PLUs package for users making regular calls and a PRO package for business users with advanced business service.

The one-off call costs from just 2 pence and allows for up to 30 callers on the conference for a maximum of 14 hours.

Video conferencing is also possible, it requires a Conference Genie Plus account though, but such an account is free. Video conferencing by ConferenceGenie does not even require a software download, just an Internet connection is all it takes for your virtual office to have a get together with each other, online.

In line with many other companies “going green” now a days, ConferenceGenie has a “Sub Zero promise” to offset carbon footprint of all PLUS conference calls made from a UK landline by 200%.

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