"Uncharted" to be made into a movie?

UnchartedPlayStation 3 game, “Uncharted”, my favourite PS3-game by the way, is looking to become a movie, according to Columbia Pictures, who’s having Kyle Ward write the script. Kyle Ward has also been connected with movies based on “Kane & Lynch”, with Bruce Willis playing one of them, and “Hitman 2”, claims The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s still unclear as to who will be having the leading roles in “Uncharted”, as well as when it’s set to be in the theatres.

“Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” was released for PlayStation 3 during Christmas 2007. “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” is said to be released this fall, but the date is still unknown. I’m looking very much forward to both the movie and the game.

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  1. Now this one sounds really interesting to me as I’m also a big fan of Play Station 3 Game. If there really is going to be a movie adaptation of this most searched game in town and if it’s Kyle Ward – who is known to have made action packed quality productions in the past – would do the said script, then this would have to be a sure blockbuster. I bet this would be given to a renowned director and a stellar cast too. Whatever the case maybe, I am still surely gonna watch it!


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