I need a “Twitter FriendFeed Facebook” app – what do you got?

twitter_logoI’ve been on Twitter almost 2 weeks now, and I like it. Lots of interesting people to follow and I’ve already read lots of interesting articles, recommended by those people. FriendFeed seems pretty interesting too. I love that you can comment on “tweets” and the like function. But using only FriendFeed will make me miss alot of tweets from Twitter, and I prefer having all my feeds in just one place, so…

I need a Mac-compatible (Adobe AIR would work) application that will let me:

  • Receive updates from my Twitter and FriendFeed feeds as well as status updates from Facebook (less important)
  • Post to FriendFeed AND Twitter in one attempt (the Twitter post could include a link back to the FriendFeed post, for commenting, ‘like’ etc.)
  • Update Facebook status (less important).

TweetDeck (link)
I like it. But it doesn’t support FriendFeed at all. If I decide to stick with TweetDeck, I might stop using FriendFeed altogether.

Twhirl (link)
This is quite good. But posting to FriendFeed does not automatically appear on my Twitter, so you actually have to “share” your FriendFeed post to Twitter, if you want your Twitter followers to see what you just posted on FriendFeed. And you do want that, as you have more followers on Twitter than subscribers on FriendFeed (well, I do, I think most do).

AlertThingy (link)
I don’t know, this one doesn’t jibe with my expectations and I couldn’t get it to post to FriendFeed at all (version 3), unless you want to use the FriendFeed edition (AlertThingy v1), but that one is just way too simple and seems a bit “old” compared to v3 and the 2 other apps.

So, what are you using? Recommend me an app!

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  1. Hi
    I have used tweetdeck and it is good.It is easily send updates to many places.I will also give try to other two of them.

    Thanks for sharing


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