802.11n Wireless Approved By IEEE After 7 Years

802.11n certified wirelessThe wireless standard, 802.11n, is no news on the market, you have been able to buy 802.11n enabled devices for years now, but it’s not until recently that IEEE approved it as a “standard”. It took just 7 years…

In theory, the old 802.11g standard has a max transfer speed of 54 Mbps while 802.11n can deliver up to 300 Mbps with a range of up to 90 meter indoors and 180 meters outdoors. But in reality, the transfer speed is probably around half of it.

802.11n takes advantage of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) which is multiple antennas combined in order to boost the bandwidth.

Besides speed and range, 802.11n also provides improvements in terms of security, stability and network configuration.

The existing “draft N” products should be working just fine with the final version of 802.11n which is actually from the 2007 draft version.

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