Google’s Crop Circle Logo – What’s Up With All The UFO Stuff?

Google crop circle logoLast week, Google had a whole “All your O are belong to us” thing going on, with a UFO abducting one of the O’s within the Google logo. Today they have yet another UFO-related logo, this time it shows “Google” spelled out in crop circles, well, almost, because the “L” is missing.

By looking at the file name of today’s logo’s file you’ll see that it’s goog_e.gif, the “L” is missing here as well. Last time with the “All your O are belong to us” logo, it was go_gle.gif, so the “o” was missing. What’s going on…?

Clicking on the crop circle logo will take you to a search result for crop circles.

Google refuses to comment on what they’re doing with those alien doodles. A spokesman apparently joked that they would leave web users to draw their own UFO theories.

Some speculates that it’s a publicity stunt to promote a new movie, perhaps Avatar or District 9. Though I can’t see why Google would even consider promoting such a movie, have they ever done so before? I’d say it’s much more likely that they’re simply responding to an increase in searches for information related to aliens and the unexplained.

But what do you think? Are the world, as we know it, about to end? Have Sergey and Larry really….. dare I say it…. been replaced by aliens?

3 thoughts on “Google’s Crop Circle Logo – What’s Up With All The UFO Stuff?”

  1. Im telling you man, someone at Google has soemhow gotten access to government files and knows that UFOs are real, so they are just giving us hints… 😉
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..What is going on with WordPress? =-.

    • You must be right, I see no other reason – well, it’s no surprise really, of course we’re not alone in this big universe 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iContact With New Features – My Favorite E-mail Marketing Provider =-.

  2. I like the logo, I am a big fan of the daily change on Bing and Google. As for the UFO stuff, not my kind of thing.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Facebook Fan Page Mayhem =-.


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