AppleTV being pulled from lots of countries

Apparantly the new AppleTV, announced yesterday along with other Apple products and iTunes 10, will not be launched in countries where Apple can not offer movie and TV shows rentals, despite the 1st generation AppleTV being sold in those countries. I cannot confirm this but it’s the word out of Apple in Denmark, a country where you can’t get much else than music, apps and a few ebooks in the iTunes Store.

Also, Ars Technica reports that the 1st gen. AppleTV will not be getting a software update, so if you want Netflix, you’ll need to buy the new AppleTV. The 1st gen. AppleTV will continue to work as it has always done including movie and TV shows purchases despite the new AppleTV box only support rentals.

Maybe it’s time to Boxee my 1st gen. AppleTV…

2 thoughts on “AppleTV being pulled from lots of countries”

  1. i like this new little thing, but alas i cant use this in my country with max 2Mbps connection , i dont think it will be able to stream HD media 🙁 … 16Mbps ones are too expensive here

  2. That doesn’t sound like a fair or wise decision on Apples part. They have sold their devices in those countries but are going to deny service there. Not really cool. I guess it goes to show you never know what will happen with these guys next.


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