Three New iPhone Ads – Backpacker, Dog Lover & Family Man

Three new iPhone ads have come from Apple this past week, “Backpacker”, “Dog Lover” and “Family Man”.


The “Backpacker” ad shows a college graduate making a trip to Spain and we get to see how iPhone apps assist him on his trip. The app that translates spoken English into spoken Spanish seems very cool, it’s called Jibbigo, by the way.

Dog Lover

This ad follows a family as they find a dog to adopt and shares pictures on Facebook. In the end, iCam is used to stream your home webcam to your iPhone. That’s also a pretty cool app, but remember that if you have a Mac with iSight, the iSight indicator will light up green, when using the app.

Family Man

An all-round ad that shows how different parts of the family can use an iPhone. Mum use Jamie Oliver’s “20 Minute Meals” app, son use “Elmo’s Monster Maker” and the dad use “Viper SmartStart” to open his car trunk. Cool.

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