Steve Jobs Responds to Gizmodo iPhone Leak [Fun Video]

Hey, did you hear about the new iPhone yet? The one found at a bar? Then suddenly in the hands of Gizmodo? And next it was all over the news and the Internet? Yeah, that’s the one. iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, whatever it will be named.

Well, Apple sent a letter to Gizmodo, few days ago, asking to have the phone back. So, if this was a stunt by Apple in the first place – or really just a mistake as it has been laid out to be (dropped in a bar etc.), I don’t know, yet. No matter what, some people are not late to make fun about it – and here’s a video showing just how pissed Steve Jobs is… and it seems we won’t be getting a new iPhone this year anyway, thanks to Gizmodo.

7 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Responds to Gizmodo iPhone Leak [Fun Video]”

  1. I like the puppet. I wonder is this video really comes from Apple themselves.
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  2. What do you know…strange things happen. Maybe we will find out what it was. Maybe it is a great PR stunt. We will see.

  3. Nice I saw it all over the online news. I like the new iPhone a lot. The shape and everything…

    In my opinion this looks like a really clever PR stunt. Yeah right suddenly Gizmodo has this phone reviews it with all details. And the best the phone was found in a bar. A prototype found in a bar. I am sure Apple lets its employees run around with their not yet released products.

    Btw the clip was removed.
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    • Hi Alex. I’ve added a new video by another user, it seems to be the same though, so now you can watch it.

  4. not working anymore lol..never mind then. I’m certain Steve was pissed anyway 😀
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    • That’s weird. Well, I found it from another user and posted that instead – so now you can watch it 🙂
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  5. I am just glad they decided to come out with the phone anyway. I still can’t believe they let a thing like that get leaked though>?


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