Opera Mini 5 for iPhone Submitted to App Store – Don’t Hold Your Breath!

Norwegian software company, Opera, now has a Opera Mini 5 version ready for the iPhone. It has already been submitted to Apple for approval in the App Store, but I wouldn’t hold my breath to see it being approved anytime soon. I seem to remember having read that Apple doesn’t want applications that duplicates functions of the built-in iPhone apps, and Opera Mini would probably be such an application (compared to Safari), plus, Opera Mini could potentially open up for some kind of Flash support within the iPhone.

If that’s true, then surely it must be stated in the developer agreement and so I wonder why Opera even bother creating a browser for the iPhone. Perhaps there are so many jailbroken iPhones in the world, that if Opera cannot be approved for the App Store, they’ll just go to jailbroken phones instead?

Other than that, Opera Mini 5 looks really cool on the iPhone and is up to six times faster than Safari too, because websites go through Opera’s servers first, for compressing up to 90%, before they are sent to your mobile device.

If you don’t have an iPhone, I suggest you check out Opera Mini for whatever phone you have, chances are that it will increase your mobile browsing experience while decreasing your traffic bill and the time you wait for pages to download.

Here’s a video of Opera Mini 5 on the iPhone:

7 thoughts on “Opera Mini 5 for iPhone Submitted to App Store – Don’t Hold Your Breath!”

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  2. I’ve got a recent HTC WM6.5 handset, and notice that HTC/Microsoft use Opera Mini as the default browser, despite the presence of IE on the device.

    The iPhone implementation of Opera Mini in the video looks very slick, better than on WM 6.5 – fingers crossed Apple see the light with it, as it would benefit all iPhone users massively!

  3. I think opera mobile is best for iphone . Though not sure about the safari browser , which fares better


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