Steve Jobs Replies To Four Customer E-mails

by Klaus on March 24, 2010

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Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has been answering e-mails from (potential?) customers these past days, according to TUAW and 9to5mac.

One customer sent an e-mail to Steve Jobs, asking if Apple was losing focus on Macs by putting so much effort into the iPad, to which Steve Jobs replied “Not to worry”.

Same day, another customer asked Steve if it would be possible to transfer Google Docs to iPad through or iDisk. His answer, “Yes”.

Julio R. wanted to know if we’ll see a universal mailbox on the iPhone and yes we will, according to Steve’s “Yep” reply.

And finally, the supposedly first e-mail Steve Jobs anwered these past few days, was from a person in UK, wanting to know if iPad Photos app would support Google Picasa’s library format. For once Steve Jobs didn’t send a 1-3 words reply, but wrote “No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.”

The above e-mail was sent from Steve’s iPhone running OS 3.1.2 (3.1.3 is the newest, at this time) and the other three e-mails were sent from his iPad.

He probably replied to more users than the four mentioned above, but we haven’t heard from more than these, for the time being.

By the way, his e-mail is [email protected], if you fancy your chances for getting a reply 🙂 I imagine it’s being screened by his staff before mail actually gets through to him, as many anti-Apple fanbois are probably not sending “We love you, Steve!”-mails.

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Siftage March 24, 2010 at 23:57

That’s pretty cool that he id responding to customers emails. I would have though that someone like that would have an email address that was obscure in a way so that it would be difficult for people to find out what it is.


Extreme John March 25, 2010 at 21:06

It’s good that he’s interacting, even if it’s in one word sentences. I’m sure he tries to keep every answer simple and to the point.
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Email Campaign Design July 20, 2010 at 08:02

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