Product Updates & News From Apple: Magic Trackpad, iMac, Mac Pro, Battery Charger

Apple has updated their Apple Stores today by presenting two brand new products and a few updates to existing products:

1) Magic Trackpad

The most exciting new product, without doubt. This takes your laptop trackpad, blows it up bigger and separates it from the computer. It’s like a mouse pad – but without the mouse. Apple says the Magic Trackpad is more gentle for your hand rather than using a mouse. I guess we’ll have to see about that – I’ll try to get my hands on one of them. It sells for $69 in the US Apple Stores.

More about Magic Trackpad.

2) Apple Battery Charger

For some reason, Apple felt that they needed to make a battery charger. Hey, it looks a lot better than the chargers I currently own. It only takes two AA batteries at a time though. It sells for $29 and comes with six AA batteries, two for your keyboard, two for your mouse or your trackpad and two for charging. The batteries have up to a year 10-year lifespan and hold a charge for an incredibly long time – they say.

More about Apple Battery Charger.

Updated: iMac

Apple also updated the iMac today. CPU has been upgraded to i3, i5 and i7. The biggest begin 2.93 GHz for the quad core i7 iMac. The built-in SD card readers can now also read SDXC cards (should support up to 2TB).

More about iMac.

Updated: Mac Pro

Mac Pro, the biggest beast of all Macs, also saw an update today. It now boasts up to 12 processing cores and up to 50% greater performance than previous generations.

More about Mac Pro.

2 thoughts on “Product Updates & News From Apple: Magic Trackpad, iMac, Mac Pro, Battery Charger”

  1. Finally! Apple gives me the opportunity to spend $30 on a BATTERY CHARGER. Although, I’m sure it will charge batteries in the most elegant, cutting edge way.

    That is, of course, until the rev the hardware 🙂

    On the trackpad – when I first started using the new unibody MacBook Pro I immediately saw a use for a desktop trackpad. There’s just something seamless and wonderful about using hand gestures to manipulate web pages (which is almost certainly a contributing factor to the iPad’s success.)

    Sure the trackpad is somewhat limiting when it somes to design or fine point-and-click work, but for everyday browsing I could really get behind it.


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