4 Reasons Why People Blog

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Hmm well the title seems to be little interesting and unique but there are real reasons found in the corner. Well there could be hell a lot of reasons but I would say that there are only four main reasons behind the blogging. The four main reasons are,

1) Money

I have seen many bloggers say that they do not blog for money but I will ask them a question, “if you are not blogging for money then why are you using ads in your Blog?” lol, of course everyone will say some reason to escape like for hosting, for marketing etc. I will definitely say that 90% of the bloggers do the blogging for money and especially pro-bloggers.  Many people blog for money.

2) Passion

I have seen very few people personally who blog purely for their passion. There are many blogs which receives decent amount of visitors and have bunch of readers but without any ads. These kind of blogs are run by people who blog out of their Interest and passion. If someone is fond of English Literature then he blogs at that topic. I have met quite a few people who blogs just for passion and not for any other thing.

3) To Get Fame

There are still quite a few people who start a Blog/Site to become famous. They want to get famous through any means so they start blogging after trying all offline possibilities. I have seen few of these categories as well but most of the blogs owned by them are bluffs.

4) Reliving Tension / Pressure

People who do jobs or mostly students use blogging as a pain killer! They use blogging as a pain killer to relive them from tension, pressure and worries. Blogging makes them happy!

So why do you blog for? Is that different from these four?

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22 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why People Blog”

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  3. It’s not really for fame per se that I blog. But, it all started with trying to quench my curiosity of what’s out there. And then, my ego started getting a high everytime the stats register an increasing number of readers. Earn money? Right now, whatever I earn on my personal blog alone is just about enough to pay for hosting and its domain name. But of course, I’m learning as much as I could about how to increase these earnings. So yes, now that I know I could earn money blogging, I’d say I do blog partly for the money.

    Relieving Tension? Well, I do feel satisfied and happy to see my outputs in my blog, but I do get stressed up when I see the month about to end and finding that I have not published my self-imposed quota of articles (which is not much btw).

  4. The topic is a pretty interesting one.Its true that most bloggers blog for money.Keeping in mind that most bloggers are students , money making is absolutely necessary for them to cope up with their pocket money.So the easiest thing they they find is blogging which also provides a bit of relaxation to them.

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  6. I use to do it for the money, but that never worked.

    I now do it to help improve my writing (go figure). Blogging forces you to write stories from little titbits here and there, and that helps with grammar.

    I hope to do it for a community soon, but I’ve never found one lol.

  7. I feel like a blog because I have to. If I didn’t, I’d be keeping a whole lot of thoughts inside my brain and at some point it just might decide it’s had enough and bust! Although today it’s blogging, years ago it was journaling, and I’ve been doing it since I was 17; it’s just modified some and now I can share some thoughts with the world.

    The private stuff is still in a journal on my computer; I just can’t tell everything!

  8. Very insightful article, I really enjoyed reading it. I do agree that the reasons why people do blogging can be categorized with these four reasons you’ve said here.

  9. All four are very true and very intelligent insight on people. Me? I blog for all four reasons- “people need people” and I truly believe in that

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  11. blogging is a good channel for interaction, especially if your business requires one 🙂 well, my personal reasons for blogging include those 4, plus to network with people with the same interests as me and to learn more about what I’m interested in. I guess that’s 6 reasons for me 😀


  12. I think nowadays, micro blogging is taking the place of Blog though blog is still popular. A people also get his/her identity with the help of their blog in the World of Internet.

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  14. If I will make my blog, I will ensure that the first reason why I did it because it is my passion and the money will be a bonus for me.

  15. I started out blogging because I’m a huge fan of writing. But when I realized one could be making money by blogging – I started doing so.

    And as of now, I’m making a decent amount of money each year just because of my awesome blog 🙂



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