10 Cool Office Desk Gadgets

Spruce up your desk and let people know that you appreciate cool stuff. You can show off your technological appreciation while keeping plenty of things around that will entertain you, your coworkers, and your visitors during the times of day when a little “pick me up” is in order. Here, 10 cool office desk gadgets will get you started on your quest to a lively, trendy, and tech-savvy work space.

1. Sixty DECT Phone

Show off your appreciation for modern wireless IP telephony and for the olden days of rotary phones with this unique blend of the old and the new. The orange wireless handset will be hard to lose and you will always intrigue the people around you with the mystique of the old and new together in one package. This phone sells for around $110.

2. Robot Pencil Sharpener

Then you use this cool gadget to enhance the performance of you pencil, you actually are winding up a mechanism inside which propels the robot. In case you don’t use a pencil at work, however, you can always wind it up with the key that comes with it. This gadget sells for $5.99.

3. Android glass DECT Phone

This is probably the coolest wired desk phone you will find anywhere. It features an 8″ touchscreen interface that accesses a dial pad, voicemail, email, and SMS. It has the ability to connect with applications on the Web and even has Bluetooth so you can connect to it with your cell phone. The expected sale price for this cool gadget is somewhere between $599 and $699.

4. USB Cannon

This USB cannon is key to your victory if you are in the midst of escalating cubicle wars. Plug this weapon into your computer’s USB port and your computer becomes a deadly targeting system. With a range of 10 feet, you can target your coworkers and keep a safe defensive zone. Complete with sound effects and several foam shells, you bring almost unlimited geeky fun right to your desk. The cannon costs $34.95 and extra missiles cost $2.95.

5. Printed Circuit Business Card Holder

Let everyone know that you are seriously into electronics with this sophisticated business card holder that mimics a printed circuit board. When you pass out business cards, people know instantly that electronics is your trade. This sells for $19.99.

6. TriPot I Self Watering Planter

Never let your plants die again with the TriPot I Self Watering Planter on your desk or near it. For about $42 you can get this awesome gadget that will make your desk stand out from all the others: it has a living plant. Just fill up the reservoir and you can relax for a couple months as the planter takes care of tending to your plant.

7. App Pad

Get an App Pad to show your affinity for the popular Apple iPad. This is a note pad with a cover made to look like the popular mobile tablet device. Design your own apps or just amuse your coworkers with this gadget novelty. You can get these online for just $4.99 each.

8. Megazooka

If you need to target coworkers who are far off on the cube farm horizon, look no farther than this potent long-range weapon. For just $24.95 you can launch projectiles up to 20 feet away with this entertaining gadget.

9. Control-A-Cat

This gadget is more for humor than anything else. Presenting itself as a remote control that will make cats obey the will of humans, with just a touch of a button. For $7.99 you can pick at cat lovers that stop by your desk and enjoy the novelty together. This gadget takes no batteries, but powers lots of imagination.

10. P&P Waste Converter

Rather than tossing all those botched printouts, old presentations, and useless reports into the trash can, do something useful and creative with them. This gadget shows that you are earth conscious and cool at the same time. All you need is some pencil lead and you can turn all your waste paper into pencils used for productive work in your office. Pricing information doesn’t seem to be available yet, but this is a “must have” for gadget lovers.

These 10 cool office desk gadgets will give you the ability to intrigue, entertain, and have fun at the office. Try them all and see how good office life can be.

This guest post was contributed by John Brook who currently writes freelance reviews of presentation supplies and office supplies for the Office Kitten, a supplier to businesses in the UK.

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  1. Klaus, the USB cannon is hilarious. I jumped over and it’s already sold out. I’m going to have to wait until it gets restocked. Nothing like reigniting my love Nerf wars from childhood.

  2. I like the Waste Converter – not sure I’d use it but I like the creativity of the idea and the fact that is is an attempt at conservation!

  3. Hi Eily
    You sure are up with all the latest gadgets 🙂 My niece would love your site. Being a technophobe baby boomer I don’t use that many gadgets and if I do my Gen Y niece sets it all up so I guess if I share with her she will tell me my “must haves”.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. little toys are a good way to keep things in perspective on a desk with lots of gadgets , and stuff …. it bores me sometimes … toys for big boys … haha

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  6. I wish I had read this post before Christmas – some of these would make great stocking stuffers. I especially like the Control a Cat (since I dont’ like cats, or even really cat people!) and the Robot Pencil Sharpener.

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  8. what a great read shame there are no pictures like some on the office gadgets posts ive seen but the information is written well you should take a look at http://javaoverride.hubpages.com/hub/Top-Five-Office-Gadgets he has a good list with picture as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    still good a read 🙂

  9. The Apple iPad caught my attention. I’m trying to canvass for and iPad that would be enough for my budget. I do hope I get to purchase a good one.


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