YouTube Tip: Link to Specific Timestamp in Video

I often find that I don’t need to share a full YouTube video with somebody, I just need them to see a certain part and so I tell them to just skip ahead to whatever timestamp that certain part is about to start.

There is something much easier though (for the recipient), that not many people know about. In the link, you can embed the timestamp, so the YouTube video automatically begins playing from that time in the video.

All you have to do, is add the following to the end of the link (URL): #t=5m40s

What that’ll do, is to begin playing the video at 5 minutes and 40 seconds in. Simply replace the “5” with whatever minutes you need and “40” with whatever seconds you need.

Here’s an example – like if I just want to show you how somebody likes to smell Apple boxes but there’s no need for you to watch the entire video, I’d give out this link:

11 thoughts on “YouTube Tip: Link to Specific Timestamp in Video”

  1. That is cool I never new you could do that with a YouTube URL. Thanks for sharing the trick with us. Thanks Greg Ellison

  2. Wow, this is cool. Never thought there was an option to do this on Youtube. I hate it when you need to play the entire video especially when it longer than 5 minutes.

  3. I didn’t quite get the purpose of it. But cool feature! Just adding few characters to the URL and walla! By the way the girl is talking too fast on the video. Hehehe!

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  5. It just goes to prove you can learn something new everyday, thanks for the info, I may be able to use this when I post another YouTube video on my blog in the near future πŸ˜‰

  6. This is very good good on the on your article. this is my first time to hear about Youtube Link. I really use Youtube but then I nver knew it. Thanks for the post, I will try this new idea. I do believe that this is a very cool feature. Thanks.

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