Foehn and Hirsch TVs

We are going to take a look at the Foehn and Hirsch Televisions which are a fantastic cheap buy available from

The Range comprises of 9 TV’s some of which also have built in DVD players and we have found gives a decent picture and sound quality for the price.

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning of the range and work our way up, The 15.4″ TV from Foehn & Hirsch is an ideal solution for space-saving homes who still want forward thinking technology. Perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or den, the 15.4 inch television comes with integrated Freeview and HD Ready technology for clearer and sharper television viewing. Encased in a slimline and lightweight glossy black case, the compact 15.4 inch television from Foehn & Hirsch offers high end specification at a low end price.

The 19″ and the 22” LCD TV from Foehn & Hirsch combines innovation, functionality and style in one lightweight and slimline LCD television. Whether you’re looking for a compact TV solution for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, the 19’ television from F & H offers HD Ready technology, a wide range of connectivity options and integrated Freeview as standard. The TV also comes as a 19’ TV/DVD combo so Whether watching a DVD or your favourite television show, the 19’ LCD TV with built-in DVD player from Foehn & Hirsch is the perfect viewing solution, offering forward thinking technology at a price you can afford.

The 26”, 32″ and 37” LCD TV from Foehn & Hirsch combines high quality TV viewing and low price to create a forward thinking television suitable for any living space. With integrated Freeview as standard, the Foehn & Hirsch 32’ LCD TV also includes HD Ready technology and an invisible speaker system for enhanced picture and sound quality. Wall mountable and encased in a sleek black gloss finish, this 32’ is the ideal TV partner for any living room.

The 42″ LCD TV from Foehn & Hirsch offers next generation home entertainment packaged in a stylish black gloss case. Enjoy the experience of full HD technology and get a sharper viewing experience from your Foehn & Hirsch television as well as benefiting from enhanced audio features and a wide range of connectivity options for all your console or DVD needs. Combining technology, connectivity and style, the 42’ TV from Foehn & Hirsch offers total entertainment at an attractive price.

All in all this entire range represents excellent value for money, delivering fantastic picture and sound quality for a reasonable price.

Guest post by Andrew Johnson, expert in electronic products. If you want further information about Foehn & Hirsch TVs range please visit Ebuyer.

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  1. These sound like they would make great presents. The price is right, and you give a good review. Thanks and perfect timing.

  2. This televisions review is very impressive. I would love to have something like this. Awesome!

  3. I have never heard of that brand before. I am interested in checking them out. I wonder how bad the shipping costs get?


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