Google’s Nexus One Doesn’t Sell

The “usual way” of selling mobile phones in the US is through the ntwork providers along with a contract of up to 2 years. Google went in a completely other direction when selling their Nexus One phone online at instead of using the network providers to sell it.

Flurry Analytics estimates a total sale of just 80,000 Google Nexus One phones in the first month of being available. They base their estimate on how many phones have certain applications installed.

iPhone sold around 600,000 units during it’s first month and Motorola Droid  (known as Motorola Milestone in Europe) sold 525,000.

One of the guessed reasons for the poor Nexus One sales numbers are the fact that it was released just after Christmas and the other reason is Google selling the phone themselves and not through network providers. Also, Nexus One currently works best with T-Mobile which is not one of the biggest operators in the US. Sales are expected to pick up when newer versions of the phone are released to other providers during Spring.

3 thoughts on “Google’s Nexus One Doesn’t Sell”

  1. I am finally looking into getting me a smartphone. Sounds like the Googlephone is superior in many ways, but I think I’ll go with an iphone after all. Simply because as a web publisher, I want to see what MOST people are seeing on their phone.
    .-= Anne Moss´s last blog ..Tips for Taking a Break from the Computer =-.

  2. I’d love a Google Nexus but unfortunately they are not available in Australia yet.
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..Do Your Dreams Pass The ‘Wet Manure’ Test? =-.

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