Friday Flick Find: Fireworks

Let’s go back and pretend today is Friday January 1st 2010, then it means I’m not a few days late with this Friday Flick Find 🙂

What else to show a video of, on this day (January 1st), than Fireworks? I picked this video partly because of the New Year but also because we don’t have fireworks like that (in the video), over here.

I celebrated New Year in my home country, where an accident a few years back in a fireworks factory are the reason for fireworks no longer being able to contain more than 75 gram of powder where they used to be allowed 250 gram or something like that. Basically that means you can’t find big fireworks any more, legally. I don’t encourage illegal fireworks since it’s illegal for a reason – and often far too dangerours, since most of us don’t know how to handle explosives properly!

Regarding the accident which happened in 2004: Two employees were emptying a 40 ft container with fireworks, when they dropped a box of fireworks. It exploded and the fire quickly spread to the rest of the container as well as another 40 ft container. After another explosion, the fire then spread to the halls where around 800 tons of fireworks were stored. That also exploded and resulted in 2.2 on the Richter scale.

No people died as far as I know, but a few were injured. Two months after the accident the total amount of damages were around 150 million dollars.

Here’s a video of a 24 inch (!) fireworks shell:

9 thoughts on “Friday Flick Find: Fireworks”

  1. thats some good stuff! Especially the last rocket, wow.
    I actually wasnt aware that the Seest accident was followed by limitations to our fireworks – maybe thats why batteries have become increasing popular?
    Im definately going to germany for fireworks next year, thats like Mexico for us .. only in German, with germans(!) and autobahns. And all the tear gas, smoke bombs and rockets your heart desire. Sweet!

    • Yeah it’s pretty huge.

      Just FYI- I don’t mind giving DoFollow links, but I have removed your links since you did not follow my instructions, instead of putting your NAME you put KEYWORDS. Very unpersonal as a commenter, so please put your (first)name in future comments, and no keywords. Thanks.

  2. Those are some very awesome fireworks. Too bad I missed out this year’s fireworks show around my way.
    .-= Kai´s last blog ..SEO =-.

  3. I love firework. But hate to look up. Hurt the neck. 😛
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..How to hack Facebook account profile =-.

  4. i always scared whenever i heard this name fireworks because i faced something very bad in my childhood days.anyways nice post.


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