How It Works: SKY Cig – Electronic Cigarettes

I hate cigarettes and I hate smokers who thinks it’s their right to smoke when there are non-smokers present. Since smoking is what’s bad for your health, wouldn’t it be more fair that the smokers would have to lookout not to annoy the non-smokers? Luckily I think most smokers behave properly and respect the non-smokers rights for cleaner air in bars, shops, restaurants etc.

I hate the smell of cigarettes. I hate how your clothes stink after having been around people who smokes. And I hate that people apparently can’t wait to die soon enough since they’ll poison their body with something as stupid as smoking. I know there are many other things out there also not healthy for you, but smoking just doesn’t make any sense!

Anyway, SKY Cigarette is a product that I, as a non-smoker, can respect. SKY Cig is an electronic cigarette that has the same look and feel as regular cigarettes, but 75% less expensive. They give you the same sensation of smoking – but without harmful chemicals. And they allow you to smoke anywhere, even on a plane.

They work by having a sensor that triggers a heating element inside the cigarette. This heating element will vaporise a nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece. SKY Cig’s even has a light that glows when you’re inhaling, making it look more like a real cigarette.

Now, please don’t begin smoking just because of electronic cigarettes. But if you’re already a smoker, you really need to consider trying out a SKY electronic cigarette – for the sake of your own health and the people around you.

SKY Cig is only available to people in the United Kingdom and ships from within the UK to arrive in 3-5 business days after order.