GPS Tracking Technology

I came across Rocky Mountain Tracking’s website that sells GPS tracker devices and thought I wanted to share some information about the use of GPS and tracking devices with you guys. Many people are still not aware about GPS tracking which is a shame – it can be really useful for many things.

You know what GPS is but you may not know what it stands for – it’s Global Positioning System.

People use GPS today for more than just navigating from A to B in their car. Features such as geotagging your pictures taken with your cellphone camera or digital point & shoot pocket camera are becoming increasingly popular. GPS can also be used to find other people around you if you use the same application/service to track each other, or to find nearby shops, parking spaces, etc. There are so many opportunities with technology today – especially when you add GPS functionality.

GPS tracking is another use of GPS that’s becoming more and more used in the private sector as prices drop and people are getting aware of its existence. A GPS tracker device is different from standard GPS navigation device, in the sense that it will report its position back to the owner as well as information about where the GPS tracker has been (coordinates).

Who would want to use a GPS tracking device? Everybody who’s either curious or have a secret spy in their stomach – or if you have a car, boat, motorcycle, lawn tractor etc., that you want to always know where is. This could be in case it gets stolen or if you have employees using a company car, you might need to know where its been all day, what speeds it has been driving at and when – perhaps for insurance reasons.

For more information on GPS and GPS tracking devices check out Rocky Mountains GPS News blog – it’s a great source of information and news, articles, how-to’s and much more.