What’s A Domain Worth? Ask Domain Appraisal [Sponsored Post]

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No matter if you’re in the domain market to buy a domain or to sell a domain, you’d most likely want to get the most out of the transaction as possible, am I right?

That’s where Domain Appraisal comes in. It can be very complicated for a layman to know exactly what to expect for a domain name. For instance, if you’re in the market to buy a certain domain name, you wouldn’t just pay the listing price up full, would you? Ask Domain Appraisal for advice and they’ll tell you – within 24 hours – how much they believe the domain is worth.

The same goes for selling domains. If you have a great domain you want to sell, ask Domain Appraisal what it’s worth, just to make sure you don’t sell it for less than what you should have.

The services provided by Domain Appraisal may sound expensive, but it’s not. It starts at just $29.99 which will get you 15 domain factors analyzed by 1 appraiser. And it takes less than 24 hours. They have packages available at $79.99 and $149.99 as well, giving you even better and more accurate appraisals.

Domain Appraisal also offer you a money-back guarantee, if the domain does not sell within 12% of the value given by Domain Appraisal or if it’s not accepted by IRS. Privacy is of course also important, you don’t want to alert the seller of a domain that you’re getting an appraisal done and so Domain Appraisal takes your privacy very serious and will obviously not alert the owner of the domain.

Next time you have a domain to sell or buy, don’t just trust the free online automated “how much is my site worth?”-services. Get a professional domain appraisal done if you’re serious about your business.

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