Ink Cartridges [Sponsored Post]

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We all know what ink is used for. Most of us use it for drawing and writing. But from where does ink really come? Well, the history of Chinese inks can be tracked back to the 12th century BC where they used plant dyes and squid ink as well as mineral inks based on materials like graphite grounded with water.

Indian ink used in ancient India since the 4th century BC, was made of burnt bones, tar, pitch and other substances.

Up until just a few years ago, people didn’t care much about ink, other than refills for their pens. Everybody had disposable ball points pen which took over the market. The introduction of private computers and printers led to home printing. Most homes today in the developed nations have access to a printer, often within their own home and thus ink has started to matter again.

With ink printers, you need to go and buy new ink cartridges every now and then. If you own a Canon printer, you need Canon ink cartridges. If you own a HP printer, you need ink cartridges from HP and so forth. Often you can get an unoriginal refilled ink cartridge from smaller shops. While such solutions might be noticeable cheaper, they are not always better. In some cases, your printer might not even print properly if you install an unoriginal cartridge – and it does it on purpose, as it “sees” you have installed something not authorized by the printer maker.

No matter what – it’s often a very good idea to make sure you buy a printer that will allow you to replace single ink cartridges when they are empty, instead of having to replace the entire colored ink cartridge just because one of the three colors are empty. Ideally you would need at least 4 ink cartridges in your printer. Three colored and 1 black. Then simply replace the empty one and leave the rest.