How sturdy are entry-level DSLR’s plastic bodies? [Video]

Have you ever wondered how much a beating your DSLR camera will handle before it stops working? Most (if not all) entry-level DSLR cameras are plastic bodies only and may not hold up as well as some semi-pro/pro cameras, which are based on a magnesium alloy body that not only weighs more, but is also more sturdy.

But should “magnesium alloy” really be considered an important factor when making your DSLR buying decision…?

Kai from DigitalRevTV tested a Canon 400D and Nikon D70 in this video to find out how much you can beat a plastic DSLR (and its lens) – the result will probably surprise you. The video is a good watch and I recommend watching it fully (and in HD, if your Internet connection will handle it).

And don’t forget to watch part 2 as well…

5 thoughts on “How sturdy are entry-level DSLR’s plastic bodies? [Video]”

  1. I have a D70. About 5 years ago I dropped it from a moving car (don’t ask me how).. barely a scratch… still taking pictures with it today – a beast indeed lol

  2. Surprisingly strong! I always thought that stuff made today were made to be break early since companies need us to buy newer models regularly.

    –I’d go with Nikon simply because Kai got a free screw with the Nikon lady.

  3. I own a Canon and would never ever let it drop or have a scratch. Its good to know that my camera can withstand such abuse. Its worth every penny.

  4. I have a Cannon 400D which I dropped from my work desk months ago, it is still working, else I will have an excuse to upgrade…

  5. Wow, that is surprising. Well, i guess it makes me feel better about looking at an entry-level DSLR. The videos are pretty entertaining as well šŸ˜‰


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