Free online game: “56 Sage Street” – can you make it?

Barclays’ 56 Sage Street is a free online single-player game that aims to challenge players, especially those belonging to the younger generation, on how to manage money wisely.

The story is about a dying millionaire, Mr. C, who resides at 56 Sage Street, hence the title of the game. Mr. C is searching for a successor and he promises to give his entire empire to you, only if you complete various tasks within a certain time limit. In order to advance through the game, you will need to work, look for a place to stay at night and eat to replenish your energy so that you can be able to work again.

The best method to make money in this game is to accomplish as many jobs as possible each day, while keeping an eye on your energy and appearance. Some jobs pay you well while some reward you with great benefits such as boosting your reputation. This game is not entirely about making money – it’s the decisions you make on how to manage your money wisely.

56 Sage Street is definitely an awesome free game that is fun, innovative and somewhat challenging. It is indeed a spectacular presentation of a successful marketing endeavour of Barclay. It teaches every one of us, especially the youngsters, on how to live our life the right way by managing our budgets wisely and how to save up for things that are really significant in our lives.

Another good feature of this game is that you can show to your friends your score and progress through Facebook (If you do not have a Facebook account, sign in with Facebook Connect). Let’s see if you can manage to complete all the tasks and become the rightful successor of the 56 Sage Street Empire! Play now!

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11 thoughts on “Free online game: “56 Sage Street” – can you make it?”

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  2. Please don’t even think about cancelling your membership of wow just yet. This is in the same league of araft of similar tgings that have been cropping out lately, evony is one of them… nothing really to get too excited about

  3. I am a regularly browser of your website and I was a little a bit intrigued about the 56 Sage Streetgame mentioned in this article. I had a go of the game and I am quite hooked lol.

    Not a bad for a free game…

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  8. I think it’s extremely important to teach teenagers how to handle the budget and about financial discipline. I really missed such games when I was a kid


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