10 Best Apple iPad Travel Apps

With over 200,000 available, there are iPhone apps for everything. There are apps for storage, organization, money, marketing, networking, business. cooking, fitness, and so much more. Many of these apps, or programs, are geared toward travelers; they perform some specialized function that can help globetrotters navigate their way through the world. The following list offers information on the best ten iPad travel apps.

1. TomTom

It turns your iPad into a GPS device and is great for helping you navigate your way through a new city or town.

2. Kayak

By using Kayak you can find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. You can also book your travel plans, organize your travel itinerary, and track your flight status.

3. Lingolook Flashcards

Need to know a word or a phrase in another language? This app will provide the traveler with flashcards for important words and phrases. If you tap your ipad, the word or phrase will be said aloud so you know exactly how to pronounce it and can avoid any misunderstanding. It is available in Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian. The link below is for the Japanese version.

4. HiConverter

This is a multi-purpose converter that can convert the usual such as temperature and distance. It also can help with currency conversions and will even convert clothing sizes for those of you who like to shop in Europe. For women travelers who may be in need of some undergarments while on the road, it even has a bra size chart.

5. Skype

Throw away that hotel room phone. By using Skype you can connect free to any Skype number anywhere in the world as long as you are using a Wi-Fi connection. Connections to landlines are only 2 cents per minute which won’t break your travel budget.

6. World Customs

Want to know what NOT to say or do in a different country? This app will let you know all the global dos and don’ts and help keep you out of trouble. It includes cultural facts, customs, information, and facts on over 165 countries around the globe.

7. Wi-Fi Finder

Finding a wi-fi location is important for keeping your costs down as international data rates can destroy any travel budget in a few hours. This app will help you quickly locate any free or paid wi-fi location across the globe. It contains over 320,000 locations in 140 countries.

8. Next Flight

Next Flight provides a list of available flights from all airline carriers. It is good for any location to any destination. It is a valuable tool for those who like to change plans and need to find that next available flight in a rush.

9. The Weather Channel

Whether you’re trotting around the globe or merely taking a business trip from one city to another, it is always advisable to know what the weather will be at your destination. This app has everything. Full screen maps, hourly forecasts, Doppler radar, fully customizable radar maps, even pollen forecasts are included in this easy to use app. It will even pinpoint your location when it launches for those of you who tend to not know where you are!

10. Urbanspoon

Lunch time in a foreign city? Have no idea where to eat? Urbanspoon can show you all the restaurants in any city. There are filters to search for specific type of food (e.g., Chinese), and access to reviews so you can tell if the place is worth a visit.

The iPad definitely makes life easier. Especially for travelers. Apps provide information on hotels, restaurants, flights, trains, cheap gas, weather, event tickets, how to pack, and how to act in a foreign culture. Without an iPad and an arsenal of apps, it’s like traveling in the dark ages, circa, 1999 or so! Join the twenty-first century by loading up on apps, especially these best ten iPad travel apps, and make traveling less stressful and more rewarding.

Guest post by: Elisa is a writer for a website focussed solely on frequent flyer cards. She writes a lot about travel, offering advice and comprehensive overviews of rewards programs such as Qantas Frequent Flyer to help readers build up their points balance quickly.

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  1. Now, in my country, we can purchase the iPad from Apple’s official stores, which is really an amazing thing for every Apple fan in my country.
    Thanks for your sharing so many useful travel apps on iPad. During our trip, I think these apps will help us enjoy a better life indeed.

  2. Although the iPad is not realy that great to be carried around when travelling lol

    Grr still waiting for my iPhone 4! It’s been almost 3 weeks!

  3. Another great App I love is Trip It. Trip It is a fantastic site that holds all of your travel itineraries, flights, car rentals, hotel reservations,etc. Trip It is great about informing you if your flights are delayed, if you have been bumped and put on another flight, etc. Now that some airlines have Wi-Fi, I can go to my Trip It App in midflight and check on the status of my connections, etc. But can also make sure my hotel reservation is correct, check on my car rental, etc before getting to my destination. Great tool!

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  5. Check out this amazing set of Travel Guides designed for the iPad over here: mobtrav.freeglo.net/

    They really use the full screen of the iPad, with lots of great features, and pictures of amazing places to see.

    They work on the iPhone as well.

  6. I am planning to visit Nasik and Triambakeswar, one of the Jyothiglingas. From there, I want to travel to Bhimasankar, where another Jyothirlinga is there. What is the distance between those two places? Is any public transport system available?

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  8. Great travel apps over here! Thanks for sharing. Although carrying your iPad when traveling is not that comfortable; an iPhone will also do the work, even if not on such a big screen.


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