iPhone 4 Commercial Parody [Fun Video]

There are more Apple parody videos on the net that you could probably ever count and this is one of the better, and newer, I think.

This one is based on the iPhone 4 video where some high-standing Apple employees are talking about how great the iPhone 4 is. This one, however, also includes the antenna issues (of course).

Oh, and it has a black guy too – he’s funny!

6 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Commercial Parody [Fun Video]”

  1. lol 🙂 The black guy and the geeky guy whose trying to cover the phone to check for signals are really funny. I so like the ghetto accent.

    I have an E72 smart phone by nokia. But I really want to try Iphone. I am so dreaming about it. (sigh) Iphone 4 has so many problems but it might get better as time goes by. We those early buyers are definitely unfortunate because of the iphone 4 bug.

    Btw, thanks for sharing the video.

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