iTunes Ping reaches 1 million users in 2 days

Apple introduced Ping as part of iTunes 10 on September 1st, explaining how Ping is a social media network that’s all about music. You can follow updates from both your friends and from your favorite music artists and keep up-to-date with more than 17,000 concert listings.

According to Apple, 1/3 of the users who downloaded iTunes 10 also tried out Ping, bringing Ping users up to 1 million registered users during the first two days of service, which unfortunately also resulted in a lot of spam.

Apple has over 160 million iTunes Store users worldwide in 23 countries.

7 thoughts on “iTunes Ping reaches 1 million users in 2 days”

    • Oh I don’t think that will ever happen 🙂 But the 160 million iTunes users have their credit card details registered with Apple – Facebook’s 500 million users does not have their payment info registered with Facebook…

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  3. Oh wasn’t that inevitable that a new social network, even just for music, would get a stack of spam, you just can’t get away from it!

  4. This is phenomenal. I guess there is something in just the name ‘Apple’ that pulls people towards the brand. Anything that the company comes out with is a success. Hats off the Steve J!


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