Ready for iPhone iOS 4.1 update tomorrow?

Well, you don’t have to do anything, really. It’s just a matter of hitting that “Update”-button in your shiny new iTunes 10 and you’re good to go.

But now that you’re here anyway, let me just real quick highlight some of the new things you can look forward to trying out sometime during tomorrow once Steve Jobs hits the “publish”-button on iOS 4.1:

  • Bug fixes: Proximity sensor, Bluetooth issues, iPhone 3G performance.
  • HDR photos.
  • HD video upload over WIFI.
  • TV Show rentals (in addition to purchases).
  • Game Center.

HDR photos is kinda cool. Basically the camera snaps three photos on three different exposures and combines them into one, this ensures, for example, that a bright sky doesn’t get completely blown out because the camera tries to get the colors right for what is not in the sky. It’s really cool and I can’t wait to try it out – I use it kinda often on my Sony HX5V pocket digital camera.

HDR photo on the right - notice the sky is not burned out

Game Center has been announced for a long time now, we first saw it when Steve Jobs demo’ed iOS 4, but not until iOS 4.1 will it go public. On stage at the September 1st Apple music event, the game Project Sword was demoed and the graphics are stunning. Game Center will allow you to play with your friends and will auto match you with other players in case you don’t have any friends.

3 thoughts on “Ready for iPhone iOS 4.1 update tomorrow?”

  1. Thanks for your remind. I’m ready but I’m still waiting until iOS 4.2 for my lovely iPad 😀

    For the iPhone, I’m waiting for the next generation which changes the antenna issue.

    • Hi TrangMoli. Just FYI – while I have been able to provoke issues with the antenna on my iPhone 4, it has never (not even once) been a problem in real life use. Never any call issues or dropped calls and no loss of data service either.

      So I don’t give a cr*p about whatever antenna issues people are talking about 😀

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