Samsung Galaxy Tab disappoints Danish tech-television host

Nikolaj Sonne, a Danish tech-journalist and host of his own television show, So Ein Ding, is disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab after having tried it on IFA in Berlin a few days ago.

“It’s the same as an Android-based mobile phone. They made the icons twice as big instead of adding twice as many features”, he said.

Galaxy Tab was announced to be a serious competitor to the iPad but with an expected price tag of around $1,200 (in Denmark), he’s not going to see that happen anytime soon.

The Tab has a 7″ touch screen and a more friendly handbag-size than the iPad, but it’s not as thin as one might expect and Mr. Sonne even calls it chubby.

Despite Samsungs attempt to nick the iPad-design and apply it to their own Galaxy Tab, they have failed miserable when it comes to the buttons, it has four and the iPad has one. Even worse, the four buttons does not have any feedback because they’re touch sensitive.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected in Denmark this October – but I’m sticking with my iPad for now.

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  1. I like Samsung Products.
    But they are expensive that is the problem 🙁

    But i think this Samsung Galaxy is a good one

    Thanks for the Info. 🙂


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