Easily create a free website with hpage.com

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I was asked to review hpage.com as a service to create a free website, so what other way to review such service than to actually try and create a website there?

If you’re not into this whole hosting business where you have to find paid hosting, install a website or blogging platform and all that, hpage.com is an interesting alternative – and free at the same time.

Creating my account was easy, they didn’t ask unnecessary questions. Just select a username which will also be your website name, followed by hpage.com, for example techpatio.hpage.com.

Next, you can select from one of over 300 unique design templates in different categories. Pick whatever you think will be best for your website – or build your own. Upload a logo if you have or just use a text header to start out with.

It literally took only minutes before my new website was ready to go online.

Not to mention the Extras that hpage.com is also offering, ranging from contact forms to guestbooks and even to have your own forum and password protected pages. You might also want to check out the gimmicks section to add a feature that disables the visitor’s right mouse click to better protect your website content from being copied (it can still be done but your average Internet user will not know how).

This took me just a few minutes to set up - though it has a slight design issue (right side) in Safari on Mac

Managing your website doesn’t require a trip around the user manual, it’s easy to figure out simply by clicking through the navigation menu inside the website administration module, you’ll quickly learn that content of your pages are edited inside the Pages menu and so on. One thing I also noticed was how fast the administration area was, it loaded without delays or hiccups at all and was a pleasant to work with.

As mentioned, if you don’t want to buy hosting and install some blogging platform software or other website system, you should check out hpage.com first, the 300MB included will last for a very long time unless you upload many heavy images.

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