Half Of All Mail Recipients Opens/Read SPAM Mails

A new study conducted by Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) shows a clear reason why we receive so much SPAM mail: Because SPAM works!

Over 80% of the users asked during the study, are aware of “malware” and “botnet”, still, almost half of the 80% has opened up such an e-mail at some point and 46% of these, did it intentionally. Some of them did it to unsubscribe from the mailinglist spamlist (which is probably never gonna work), some to complain to the sender (probably also not gonna work) and some of them just to see what would happen and what the mail is about.

The report also shows that 44% of users on average consider themselves “somewhat experienced” with regards to email security and that it’s usually males below the age of 35, that are taking mosts risks regarding SPAM mails.

Read more from the study: Millions continue to click on spam

4 thoughts on “Half Of All Mail Recipients Opens/Read SPAM Mails”

  1. Gotta say, this does not surprise me one bit. It’s been a couple of years since he got online, yet my father-in-law, bless his heart, still runs over here occasionally (he lives next door) with an email he’s printed off to warn me of some virus or some other nonsense he got in his email. He reads spam, and what’s worse, he believes spam…
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  2. It really wish there was some way to get people to stop. I’ve seen reports showing that over 95% of all email is spam. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  3. These spam numbers are amazing! I feel bad that so many people don’t understand. Those of us who are online 24/7 and are web savvy … we “get it” but many don’t use the computer the way we do so they’re just not educated in what not to do. Thanks for sharing the numbers … a good reminder to help friends/family who don’t have the knowledge we have online. *SmiLes* Suzanne
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