Play Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest etc. on your iPad – for free!

Police Quest @ iPad

I’m guessing if you’re around the age of 30, you’ll remember playing Leisure Suit Larry and Police Quest on your (or your dad’s) PC back in the days. Remember, where you had to type commands and such? It was awesome!

Well, now you can do it again – on the iPad. And it’s free, thanks to Martin Kool of Q42.

You move the characters around straight on the iPad’s touchscreen and the most used commands are easily accessible within the game so you don’t have to type them using the on-screen iPad keyboard.

Rotating the iPad will save your game progress.

By visiting from your iPad you will get access to Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Space Quest and Kings Quest. I have to be honest, I don’t remember Space Quest or Kings Quest but I’m gonna check’em out during the weekend as well as re-living some good ol’ Larry and Police Quest.


5 thoughts on “Play Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest etc. on your iPad – for free!”

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  2. Kings Quest took up so much of my time when it first came out. Same with Police Quest. Remember the Daryl Gates promos with that series? What a trip!


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