iOS 4.3 brings Personal Hotspot to iPhone

As mentioned yesterday, the soon-to-released iPhone 4 with Verizon and iOS 4.2.5 will come with built-in personal hotspot, meaning you can connect up to 5 devices using Wi-Fi to your iPhone 4’s 3G data connection.

Now, it seems that iOS 4.3 will also have the built-in personal hotspot feature which will be available on all other iPhone’s – if your provider decides to support it, that is.

It’s still unknown when iOS 4.3 will be available and what other features/updates it will have, as well as which iPhone’s the hotspot feature will work with. Hopefully it’s not just the iPhone 4.

7 thoughts on “iOS 4.3 brings Personal Hotspot to iPhone”

  1. Neat feature, should be pretty useful for friends that are on T-Mobile and Sprint users outside of 3G/4G coverage areas.

  2. Won’t be useful for AT&T people with their 250MB and 2GB data plans.
    Could be useful in emergency situations, but since you can get WiFi in nearly every business, these emergencies are becoming fewer and fewer.

  3. Sounds like the hotspot function will have to do for now, for those who want to connect their iPad to the Verizon network, although Francis Shammo of Verizon Communications Inc. indicated there will be an iPad model in the future made to connect through Verizon, presumably the iPad II believed to come out in March or April.
    Actually Verizon has been selling iPads bundled with their MiFi hotspot device since late October 2010. Data charges for the MiFi are something like $20 for 10 gigs to $50 for 50 gigs a month.

  4. I definitely like the idea of being to connect anywhere with a high speed connection. I think especially for in the car or at the park situations, this could be especially handy.


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