Mac App Store now open!

The Mac App Store was launched today which now gives you access to tons of apps and games directly on your Mac and not just on your iPhone and iPad. The apps are not the same as the apps in the iOS App Store are developed and designed for use on a Mac, so if you’ve bought e.g. Angry Birds on your iPhone, you’ll need to re-purchase it in the Mac App Store if you want to play the game on your Mac.

The interface is pretty nice and simple and it’s very easy to use and navigate as well, just like you know it from the iOS App Store. Purchases are made using your iTunes Store account, also just like the iOS App Store.

To get Mac App Store on your Mac, you’ll need to fire up Software Update and install the new Mac OS X 10.6.6 update which doesn’t have much else to offer than the App Store. After installation it will appear in your Dock as a blue app icon.

Learn more about the Mac App Store at Apple.

3 thoughts on “Mac App Store now open!”

  1. Every time I come here I learn something!

    Now I’m off downloading 10.6.6. Wonder why it didn’t notify me…

    • I think you were not notified because 10.6.6. came out just yesterday and Software Update probably doesn’t check every day. Not sure if there’s a setting that allows you to check daily, but in most cases it’s plenty to just have it check weekly or whatever it’s set to – except for us first movers who wants everything, now 🙂

  2. I know that this is an old post, but I just wanted to say, I have always been very happy with the mac app store. Best ever. Thanks for the blog.


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